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Remote viewing is a controlled and trainable mental process involving psi (or psychic ability). It is used to transfer perceptual information across time and space. While this is a natural ability, it is normally not easy to do well without training. Our conscious minds have dominated our perceptual awareness since we were children. We have forgotten what it was like to perceive things without letting the conscious mind run everything. Remote viewing is a way to retrain the conscious mind to allow this basic and natural ability to re-surface and flourish.

At The Farsight Institute, remote viewers use a particular form of remote viewing that is called Scientific Remote Viewing®. The Advanced form of this (called Advanced SRV®) uses preprinted templates on which perceptual information is recorded. Preprinted templates are used because the process is structured to obtain a wide variety of specific types of information in a certain order so that one has the best chance of obtaining a complete picture of what is going on with a target, which is usually some place or event at some point in time.

All remote viewing at Farsight is done totally blind. That is because the conscious mind is very clever, and if the remote viewer knows anything at all about the target, then the conscious mind will invent all sorts of stuff that is total fantasy or memory or whatever. But it will not be authentic and accurate remote-viewing data. When the conscious mind is totally blind to the target, then the only way any information can be obtained is through the nonphysical perceptual abilities that a person has natively.

At PrinCess Views, we teach the Farsight® methods of remote viewing that were developed (and continue to be developed) by Courtney Brown, PhD, Director of The Farsight Institute. This includes the paper and pen sessions as well as the video versions of remote viewing. While remote viewing was originally developed by the United States military, we no longer use nor teach the original military approaches to remote viewing. This is not a criticism of the original methods of remote viewing. It is just that everything evolves and improves over time. We also have a large variety of specialized approaches to the use of remote viewing to obtain different types of data, including financial or economic (for example, stock, currency, gold prices), managerial decision making, life choices, timeline choices (personal and business/corporate). All these things involve different types of specialized templates and procedures.

If you are interested in learning the Farsight® approach to remote viewing, we teach that here. Please understand that we firmly believe that everyone who teaches the Farsight® remote-viewing methods has to also practice these methods in public projects that include verifiable elements. There is no such thing as "Those who can't do, teach." We do what we teach, and a large number of our projects are freely available for anyone to watch on Farsight's web site and on YouTube. You can see what we ourselves do using these approaches to remote viewing. If you want to learn how to do what we do, you have come to the right place.










































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