SRV Instruction Course Overview

*The timeline in which these stages are reached is not exact as every student performs at their own pace and time and fatigue are factors to take in. However, as training goes, this is a rough order of appearances of how the training will unfold. Also as the stages go on, the monitor is required to slowly wean away from active monitoring until fully solo sessions are the bulk of what is practiced. The time it takes to finish all the 7 steps listed here entirely depends on the diligence and willingness to practice put forth by the monitor and viewer. No strict timeline is enforced, but as with all things, practice makes perfect. *

Stage 1 - The Procedure Viewer and monitor will go through step the basics of ideograms, the SRV affirmation, Farsight meditation, the meanings of key vocabulary terms like deductions, ideogram labels, ideogram descriptions, and the overall format of a full session. There will be no memorization required of the viewer as the viewer will be provided with a sheet in this session and all further sessions to aid in remembering all such terms. Simply a familiarization of the topics and procedure is the goal.

Stage 2 - First Target A simple target is chosen by the instructor who monitors the session, and the monitor heavily guides the viewer through the procedures, paying close attention to every minor detail of the procedures, without leading the viewer to conclusions. It is the monitor’s job to ensure that the viewer understands how it FEELS to perceive with the higher locus of the mind.

Stage 3 - Practice Sessions for 1 hour. For the next couple lessons the viewer simply experiences several practice sessions of various types so they are exposed to a variety of stimuli using various targets. The goal is to understand the process of remote viewing perception, and to become familiar with the difference between using the conscious mind to perceive and interpret information as compared with allowing the higher self to feed perceptual information directly to the remote viewer. As these practice sessions continue, the viewer slowly becomes more confident in recording true remote-viewing data that is not evaluated or processed by the conscious mind.

Stage 4 - Movement Movement exercises will be taught to show how the awareness can be positioned at any place and time for a target.

Stage 5 - Deep-Mind Probes: Upon noticing that the viewer is making good progress with the SRV procedures, deep mind probes will be introduced, as seen fit by the instructor/monitor. The viewer is then guided through the deep mind probe process. The viewer also may request instruction on a deep mind probe strategy if desired in a certain session, but this is up to the cooperation between viewer and monitor.

Stage 6 - Speed and Efficiency Practice Try and increase speed and efficiency with the SRV procedures so the viewer can eventually complete a full session within 1-1.5 hours. At this point a target should be described with decent accuracy within a session. Viewers will be instructed on how to move through time, and then this concludes the final stage of the course. Don’t rush too much, the goal is simply to be more comfortable with the procedure and develop more trust of one’s intuition.

Stage 7 - Large-Scale Targets Practice sessions after this point should focus on refining skills while assigning viewers more difficult targets. The viewer should attempt to complete two sessions solo without any guidance from a monitor. Target reveal occurs after the viewer has completed the sessions. At this point the viewer should feel comfortable with the process and have a significant level of experience with the SRV procedures, thereby enhancing confidence in one’s own abilities. At this point, initial training is complete.

Further refreshers and monitored sessions may always be requested, and self-study may be pursued. A procedural notebook will be provided in physical and/or PDF form to ensure the viewer is never worried about forgetting the procedures.











































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